I invite you to use the following questions to visualise what you want and where you want to go….

A very small percentage of people actually write down goals and plans, and it’s a proven fact that the small percentage that do are massively more likely to get what they want. If you do complete this exercise I’m interested in talking to you, send me your answers to jeffshrimpton@actioncoach.com.

Who do you want to become over the next three years?

Who are your peers?

Who are your friends?

What car will you be driving?

What is your home like physically and atmosphere?

What does your business need to look like to support the above both financially and emotionally?

What are the the three habits that you need to stop, maintain or start to accelerate achieving your three year goals :

On a personal level?

On a business level?

What education do you believe you will need to improve your own performance?

What obstacles or challenges do you foresee could hinder or affect the results that you want in your business?

What challenges or obstacles could possibly hinder your personal desires?

On a scale of 0 to 10, how close are you to becoming the person you want to be? 0 being no-where near and 10 being exactly who you want to be, showing up as the person you want to be.

How do you think others perceive you on a scale of 0 to 10? 0 not at all the person you want to be or 10 exactly the person you want to be.

What three behaviours do you most dislike in people?

What three values are most important to you? What culture do you want in your business? What does your ideal working day look like?

What does your ideal day off look like?

On a scale of 0 to 10, how ‘present’ do you feel that you are living your life. By this I mean how much are you really enjoying the moment you are in rather than going over the past and dwelling on it or thinking about the future and wishing you were there now.

How much do you enjoy the ‘present’?

What are you most grateful for?

What are you grateful for on a daily basis?

If you had a wish what would be THE ONE change you would most like to have in your business and/or personal life right now?

How committed do you feel towards achieving your goals? 0 being not at all and 10 being fully committed.

If you could re-run last year, what would you do differently on a personal level?

What would you do differently on a business level?

What are you most proud about in your business last year?

What does it mean to you?

What are you most proud about on a personal level?

What does that mean to you?

How do you FEEL about the next 12 months?

How can I best serve you to empower you and accelerate your achievement of all of your goals both business wise and personally?

Is your business plan for the next 12 months finished?

Is your marketing plan finished both strategically and process?

Are you clear what needs to be in your 90 day plan for Q1 to be on track for the longer term goals?

On a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being reactive and 10 being proactive, how proactively are you currently living your personal life?

How proactively are you living your business life?


Let me know how you get on!