Most people are just too lazy or fearful to make things they want to happen, happen’ Bob Eltherington, Cold Calling for Chickens


Wherever you are in life you have stories in your head which inhibit you from fulfilling your potential in some way. Most of the chatter is a repeat (or a version of the same fundamental belief ) playing along in your mind as you live your life and go about your business. The moral of the chatter is generally built around what the ultimate (negative) statement you have about you is and/or about how the world in general treats you.

It is an old saying…  you become what you think about but that does not have to be the case, it’s your choice. I am here to tell you that you are not your thinking mind and you are certainly not the internal narrative and chattering of your mind. However, without awareness, knowledge and in most cases someone to reflect it off and help you replace the self limiting beliefs with stronger empowering beliefs your life is very likely to be impoverished by the power these limiting beliefs have over you.

As you become aware of your chatter and the limiting beliefs I guarantee you will realise that the very actions the story inhibits are the things that you need to do to be the person you want to be so you can have the life you dream of having. For the next couple of days be aware of the stories your mind creates. Don’t get involved in them just be aware   stop and write down what part of the story is fact and what part is purely your mind’s imagination. I look forward to hearing how small the factual side of the story is compared to the embellished meaning, judgement and other hogwash your mind conjours up on “how it is” from the tiniest thread of information.

People talk of “getting rid” or “stopping” this chatter in your head which is not a method I favour and as its generated by the mind to keep you safe is impossible to rid yourself of.

The way to win and keep winning is to create empowering beliefs which enable you  to lead a flourishing life, stepping up to meet challenges and enabling you to be the person you need to be to do the actions you  need to take to have the life you dream of. It isn’t easy but with commitment it is doable. You can create the habit of acting out of your comfort zone with support and guidance to develop the mechanisms to help you step up.  One of my clients has a very simple method she uses when the self-limiting story comes along, it is to say “that is fine (accepting the story rather than fighting it) but what would I do if I wasn’t scared?”

To live the life you want to have you  need to have a plan and practise great daily  habits and high frequency thoughts consistently. Live positively and true to nurture the open mindset (more on this later) to see and act on the opportunities as the unstoppable, limitless self you would choose to be.

I work with progressive business leaders to create empowering beliefs, guiding you  to habits of acting on your best self  which then, over time will be your go to positive mind chatter, creating stories of opportunity and what ifs rather than the naysayer you may currently live with.

Life is a balance and by knowing the negative we can generate the positive. It’s a great journey and the only place to start is from right where you are.

I am Jeff Shrimpton, and I work with progressive business owners, helping people make decisions to move forward in their lives. I have learned first hand from many of the best in business leadership including Clive Woodward, Marshall Goldsmith, Tony Robbins and Brad Sugars. In turn I have supported many business leaders to discover how to get the very best from their business so their lives are amazing.

Committing to coaching is not for the faint hearted, it is for those that want more and want to invite into their lives a supportive and challenging pain in the neck who pushes them to fulfil their potential so they create an awesome life for them and their loved ones.   Message me here on LinkedIn or telephone 07973 141453.